Headcanon Games

Roleplaying Games for the Modern Mind


About the Company

Headcanon Games, LLC, was founded in 2013 by Scott Kuban, Matthew Malis and Nigel O'Rear.  Its goal is to develop and deliver fantastic roleplaying experiences for tabletop gamers.  SubNet is the company's flagship product, but will be followed by a variety of supplemental material, as well as other games (and other game systems) that explore unique worlds with challenging philosophical themes.


Scott Kuban

Scott has been playing and running tabletop and live action games since the bygone era known only to scribes and sages as "the early 90s".  Within the labyrinthine microcosm that is Headcanon Games, Scott is the creative powerhouse driving the development of the SubNet setting.  Both assailed and aided by his two compatriots, he makes sure the soul of the game shines through the regrettably necessary abstractions known as 'rules' draped across his immaculate world.

Matthew Malis

Matthew has been an avid roleplayer since the age of fifteen, and has experience with a wide range of systems and settings.  Never content to simply consume, Matt is a dedicated tinkerer, and found his calling designing and tweaking rules systems.  Not too long ago, when the industry's offerings were particularly paltry, Matthew realized he had the power... nay the responsibility to use his fantastic gifts for good.  His never-ending quest is to bring eloquent, expressive rules systems to the masses.  He is the whirring rules dynamo of the SubNet development team, working to produce only the very best high-quality, hand-crafted game mechanics.


Nigel O'Rear

Nigel has been roleplaying ever since he was introduced to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons a depressingly large number of years ago.  Since then, Nigel has enjoyed creating worlds and stories of his own in both tabletop and live-action roleplaying games.  Nigel's core function is not only acting as an endless font of wisdom and insight, but as a mediator between the other two pillars of the SubNet development team.  He provides perspective for both rules and setting and is the company's primary graphic designer and web developer.  He also wrote all of this, and thus is the best member of Headcanon Games.