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The Singularity Is Near

SubNet is the flagship title of Headcanon Games.  Set in a semi-near future of our own world, humanity balances on a razor's edge between extinction and evolution.  Cataclysmic wars have reduced the world's population to a paltry ten million souls, the vast majority of which live out their lives in self-contained Arcologies.  The network that links these cities encompasses a seemingly boundless digital landscape in which all citizens spend most of their time.  The forces that govern this world, the Hypercorps, constructed this virtual world as a mechanism for both communication and control.  It is The Game, and everyone plays.

Within the depths of The Game lurk plenty of secrets; every Hypercorp has its dirty laundry.  But deeper, truer wisdom can be found in the nooks and crannies.  Something is happening within The Game, pushing the boundaries of thought and agency.  Secret cabals of rebels have arisen, seeking to throw off the gentle yoke the Hypercorps have latched and drag Humanity into enlightenment.

These SubNetters seek to overthrow the great oppressors and show the remaining masses the truth; that Humanity is careening towards the Next Big Step in evolution.  If the Guilds of the SubNet fail, then the Hypercorps will control the coming Singularity (probably through a board meeting).  But if the Guilds succeed, then Humanity may just finally grow up.

Cyberpunk, And So Much More!

SubNet is a game steeped in the trappings, tradition and lore of the cyberpunk genre.  It was created as a love-letter to the media we at Headcanon Games grew up with.  We've put our own spin on it, though, and explore several themes near and dear to our hearts; the progress of technology and how it relates to those who can't keep up, and the post-scarcity possibilities of Singularitarianism.

Setting Preview

We drew up a setting preview for our two demo games held at Dragon*Con 2016, and we're sharing that file with you.